BEWARE! Pernicious Anemia

I have felt so bad for so long that I actually forgot I had this blogspot.  But now I’m getting better and I thought I’d talk about here.  I’m not sure anyone will see this, but just in case, maybe someone who needs some answers about their health will find it here.

For years I have been so tired I could hardly get up every day.  I’d wake up refreshed and feeling great until I actually sat up and then I was already done and wanted a nap.  I’ve seen many doctors and talked to many health experts and they all said “Lose weight”.  Well, I’m sure they’re right, but I couldn’t do that either.  I went on diet after diet and nothing worked.  In fact, I gained weight with most of them.  Over the years, a couple of wise doctors had said “Maybe it’s pernicious anemia.”  But nobody explained it and they certainly didn’t look past the weight.

I had diverticular disease and almost died from it until Dr. Scott Fisher in Colorado Springs fixed me.  I have Barrett’s Esophagus from the years of reflux caused by the diverticulitis episodes.  I take Nexium for the Barrett’s.  These were all strikes against me.

The human body requires “instrinsic value” to process Vitamin B-12.  If you have any type of intestinal or digestive issues or you take anything like Nexium or similar meds, you probably do not have IV.  And if you do not, then you probably have pernicious anemia.  And it’s such a simple fix that I was astounded.  All it takes is a B-12 shot on a regular basis and you can cope with life and actually have a life.

So, if you are feeling wrung out all day even in the mornings, and you have any type of digestive or intestinal disorder or you take meds like Nexium or similar, have your doctor check your blood.  You may be fixable.  🙂

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The Last Week of Class

The summer semester has flown by and here we are one week before the end of class. Failure is out of the question, naturally, but skimming this close to the surface is a very scary feeling.  I’m looking forward to my grade in this class, but then again, I’m not.  I’m old, I’m crazy, I’m anxious.  I can do the job, but I’m not sure I can pass the coursework to get to the degree.  Then again, I’ve worked in the legal world for more years than most of my classmates have been alive.  Surely I can do this.  Oh, Yes, I CAN!!!!!

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In the Vortex

Who knew building a blogspot could be so tough? Probably the creators of the blogspot.  They’ve been most kind and supplied everything a rational person could need, but who said I was rational?  Nobody ever accused me of that.  So, here we go.  Off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of blog.  Fasten your seatbelts and hang onto your hats.  We’re going places.  Just where, we may not know, but we’ll recognize it when we get there.

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